PEB Structures ( Pre Engineered Building Structures ) - PEB Solutions

Building basic parameters : The pre - engineered building systems is fast growing segment globally. It has all the attributes of what the modern lifestyle demands. There are many applications for pre - engineered buildings.

Industry Applications
  • Factories
  • Offices
  • Logistics & Warehousing
  • Automobile Showrooms & Workshops
  • Textile Industry
  • Defense Structures
  • Plastics, Printing & Packaging
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Engineering Industry
  • Toll Plazas
  • Food, Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Plants
  • Agricultural Building
  • Electrical & Electronics Industry
  • Aircraft Hangars

Air Power Ventilator
  • Air Power Ventilator's vane are manufactured from high grade aluminum including the rivets and therefore highly resistant to atmospherics corrosion.
  • No power involved for its operation as its movement is controlled by natural wind movement / hot air draft (Thermos Syphoning).
  • The vane's are profiled and rolled to provide strong blade with good aerodynamic performances.
  • Air Power Ventilators are light in weight and hence operational at very lightly wind speeds.
  • Since no power involved for its operations, no recurring charges in terms of electricity.
  • The vane design and the centrifugal action prevent rain water from entering the ventilator.
  • Designed to be fitted easily on asbestos, galvanized, iron and aluminum roofs. Assured ventilation for 24 hours / 65 days.
  • Reduced Construction cost up to 30 to 40% of project cost.
  • Virtually Maintenance free
  • Fastest Delivery Periods & Installition
  • Clear Span up to 90 Meters & Aesthetic Looks
  • Less time required for completion
  • Flexibility of Expansion
  • PEB is fully portable

Standard PEB Frames
Single Bay
Clear span gable building
Lean - to (LTR)
Single Slope building
Double Bay, Single Ridge (DBSR)
Multi span gable building ( MS - I )
Triple Bay, Single Ridge (TBSR)
Multi span gable building ( MS - II )
Four Bay, Single Ridge (FBSR)
Multi span gable building ( MS - III )
Double Bay, Double Ridge (DBDR)
Multi span, multi gable building

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